Reliable Prophetic Words that have been spoken over the Skagit Valley Healing Rooms have been or are in the process of being fulfilled. We are standing on the Word of the Lord regarding the purchase of our building which we began leasing Oct 1, 2018.


· Our 2012 landmark "Int’l House Of Prayer", Kansas City vision – 2 confirmed visions were given and each was accompanied with the words, “What you are about to do is bigger than you think. It is like what we are doing here in IHOP Kansas City.” In one vision, a glory cloud crossed over the Skagit River from Burlington to Mount Vernon and stopped in the area of our current building.  This was a year before finding our first building in Burlington.

· On January 20, 2014 Apostle Dan Hammer of Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, gave us a word about our “Apostolic Prayer Center” and God’s Glory.

Apostolic Prayer Center, I get the word, World Prayer Center… Isaiah 56:7 that your house would be a Joyful house of Prayer for all nations, Lord your heart is for the nations, not only the ones away from us but the nations around us, Father I just pray that you would give wisdom for this apostolic prayer center, show her how to design it, exactly Lord . That you would be the leader and director of it, and Lord that you would show her what you are doing, that this would be a place of strategic warfare, strategic release.

I pray that you would build a Prayer Center here in Burlington, this Mount Vernon/Burlington area, that would begin to be connected to other prayer centers that would cause the light of your glory, light dispels darkness but glory dispels gross darkness, I see the words, “World Prayer Center Bringing the GLORY of God- to this area” Lord I thank you this prayer center will shake and break apart the heavens, Lord we just thank you for the apostolic prayer center that will release the apostolic and the prophetic, in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus! Beyond the Healings, Deliverances, Salvations, a shift in the whole region, open the heavens.

· In Sept 2017 a prophetic word was given at the International Association of Healing Rooms Leadership Summit that God had a building for us and soon all the doors would be open at the same time to move forward. Don’t hesitate, just move, and it will be like a slip-n-slide. God has it. In February 2018 we sponsored a conference with Cal Pierce. In March, within 2 weeks after the conference, we got the word that we will have a building by May. We had given up looking and were just waiting on the Lord. The first Sunday of May 2018 all the doors opened and we moved. It has indeed been like a slip-n-slide blessing. What God has begun, He will finish!

Isaiah 66:9 Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God.

· In Sept 2018 Nathan French gave a word that the funds for buying our building would be supplied by businesses. Confirming a previous word.