I Saw Jesus ~ March 2, 2019

March is my birthday month in Christ Jesus.  March 2019 is my 33rd birthday in Him.  I turned 75 years old in November of 2018, so at the end of prayer time, which was phenomenal, in the closing blessing, I actually saw the face of Jesus almost touching me.  He was wearing His prayer shawl on His head.  It was the 1st time ever seeing His face for me personally.  It was quite a spiritual birthday present! - Patricia K.

Praise God for my Job! ~ Dec. 15, 2018

I thank God for a job. I start Monday! Also, I have been told that God wants to use my voice. I was surprised to hear confirmation that “I have something important to say and they need to hear it.” ~ Tonya B.

Spiritual Warfare Relieved  ~ Nov. 27, 2018

In preparation for a 2 week ministry trip, I was experiencing severe opposition and spiritual attack. Insomnia, physical pain, and tons of car trouble. Breathing improved, pain drained away! Strong affirmations of faith and scripture. ~ J.A.H.

God Has a Good Plan for Me ~ Nov. 27, 2018

I have been lied to by the enemy all my life. I thought God hated me and left me. Now I understand, He does love me with open arms. Of course the enemy tries to knock me down and off track with God, but I continue to look at the light path God planned for me. God has brought me here to the Healing Rooms to be healed from the pain inside and out. God is so good. ~ Rosemary J.

Physical and Emotional Healing

We moved expecting to live near a friend & everything was bad from beginning to end! Satan tried to physically take us out 2 times! First thing the team said was let’s go to the Courts of Heaven. I repented of being super angry & was set free of many physical problems and stress. Total peace & joy I haven’t had since 2015! God also told me a lot about love, trust, & faith in personal ways. He said we were to go back and gave us a place & moving truck! And my hubby recommitted to God!