"The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." Psalms 19:7

October 5, 2021

Alzheimer's Reversed 

I began praying for my niece, Debbie, who was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s 3 weeks ago.    Diagnostic scans showed almost all of the brain white.  After 2 prayer sessions at the Healing Rooms and 4 weeks later, the diagnosis is one thin black line in the brain as early Alzheimer’s.  Thank you Jesus!  ~ William F.

Sept. 7, 2021

Neck and Shoulder healed

I was in a car accident in 2006.  I tried physical therapy, meds, everything.  Nothing worked.  Also, my shoulder bone always stuck out since surgery.  There was always a gap in the shoulder that you could put your fingers under.  When they prayed for my neck, my shoulder got healed too.  I have full range of motion now!  ~ Theresa H.

Aug. 31, 2021

Pain in body healed

I was really lost, lonely, hurt all over, hard to breath, pain head to toe.  Needed hope and faith.  My family are all gone.  I got more than I ever thought was possible.  I can breathe fully, even when in stress and my body feels more at peace.  I have slept through the night 7 days now.  Some long-term pain has gotten better.  I’m amazed!  Thank you for your prayers!  ~ Theresa H.

Aug. 24, 2021

Plugged ear opened

My left ear has been plugged since last Tuesday (1 week) when I flew back to Washington.  It hasn’t hurt but just makes it harder to hear.  I asked someone at church to pray for it and it has been coming in and out, off and on, since then.  But has not remained permanently open.  So when the SVHR team prayed for me, I asked them to pray for my left ear to open completely.  One of the team members had felt left ear pain when he had been by the desk minutes before (a word of knowledge.)  They prayed twice for my ear to open  and the team member put his finger in my ear then stepped away.  I yawned 3 times then it fully opened completely.  Praise God who is my Healer!  Jehovah Rapha is amazing!  ~ Tracy H.

Aug. 17, 2021

Leg grew out

I came emotionally exhausted, limping, using a cane.  I had a 2nd hip replacement in June and my left leg was much shorter, close to 1 inch after surgery.  During worship before ministry began, a team member gave a word of knowledge that the Lord was growing someone’s leg out that night.  I had great expectation, but did not know until she told me that, “The Lord said that word was for you!”  I just got goosebumps and joy.  During my prayer time, I requested to have this healing recorded, because not many people know about my lopsidedness.  My surgeon told me that in 1 year if it still bothered me that he could surgically fix it with another major surgery.  I had told God, “Hey, I know you see this and love me more and you’re going to grow this out sometime.”  June 2021 my leg did stretch and grow.  I felt discomfort for a bit actually – glory to God.  My foot matched the other but the inside required a little more.  So we pressed in easily asking for more.  I stood up and we laughed.  I’m now even – physically and emotionally well.  Full of joy, bragging about my Jesus!!  ~Layell B.

July 27, 2021

Tennis elbow and Wrist pain healed

I had tennis elbow in both elbows for over 2 years.  Just recently I started physical therapy.  I had pain all the time in my elbows, constant pain.  Since going to PT my wrist started hurting, and I have been wearing a brace.  Today at the Healing Rooms, two team members prayed for me and my wrist and elbows are without pain!  I thank the Lord for healing my elbows and wrist and I accept this healing!

~ Jessica C.

July 27, 2021

Scoliosis pain gone

My lower back achs with extreme pain due to my scoliosis, (curvature of the spine).  The team prayed over me and they asked for the blood of Jesus to wash me over and cleanse me.  I felt heat all the way up my spine, my glasses even fogged up and I burst out in tears.  The pain was slowly going away – and now, a week later, I have no pain in my lower back!  Praise my Lord, Jesus!!   ~ Lorinda C.

Dec. 20, 2020

Knee pain and hand numbness gone

My knee was hurting and it was hard to walk on it. Now I can bend it, and it doesn’t hurt now! They prayed for my fingers on my right hand, which have been numb for about 2 years. They prayed and now I have tingling! Feeling is coming back! Praise God and Jesus! ~Susan W.

June 30, 2020

Knee pain healed

Pain in my knee for 2 years. Haven’t been able to go for walks. Recently it felt swollen and more painful. They asked me to walk around after praying for it. No pain or swelling! ~ Cindy C.

June 29, 2020

Healing of nerves from elbow to thumb

Healed relationship in my whole family. Healed elbow and nerves in forearm to thumb. Deliverance from all old assignments of the enemy. Thank you Jesuha! ~ Michael P.

May 7, 2020

Inner ear polyp falls out and deafness gone

I had severe pain in my right ear for 3 months. Pain was always 8-9 out of 10. Green pus and blood leaked out of my ear continually. Doctors tried antibiotics with no help. I lost all hearing in my right ear with pain spreading all the way down my neck. On May 7th, I was prayed for and the Lord healed me!!The pain was GONE! The pus and blood were gone! And I COULD HEAR!! I felt a pop in my ear during prayer. The next morning a small growth came out of my ear. I took it to the doctor, and he said it was a polyp, and it was impossible that I could hear!! All things are possible with God! Thank you, Jesus and thank you prayer warriors! ~Jane O.

March 24, 2020

Peace to face difficulty

I came in for prayer for my breach baby to turn. The ministry I received paved the way for my baby to turn. I was delivered from fear that allowed me to release control and trust God deeper. When I had the procedure done to turn the baby, the doctors and nurses were in awe of how peaceful and calm I was compared to other patients. I was believing for the baby to turn during ministry time, but I believe God was more concerned with my growth in trusting Him. Thank you ministry team. I’m so thankful for all of you! ~ Michelle L.

March 10, 2020

Freedom from Childhood trauma

It was my first visit to the Healing Rooms. NO ONE here had ever met me before. There was no way any person could know where I was kept when I was kidnapped as a child. The woman praying over me said, “I saw you in the closet”. (I was kept in a tiny pitch black closet for 3 months.)


The woman spoke to the 2 year old little girl in that closet (and in my head) and asked if I would feel safe coming out of that closet if Jesus opened the door. I said I trusted Jesus to open the door. The woman holding my hands and praying asked me if I could take a step forward and walk out of that closet. I walked out, out of the darkness, out of the fear and let Jesus lead me in trusting Him and leaving the hurts and pain behind me. And Jesus let me feel free and safe to go forward. ~ Anonymous

Feb 25, 2020

Freedom from low self worth, depression and self-hatred

I battled deep seated beliefs of low self-esteem, self-loathing, never feeling “good enough, and depression that affected my every day life. A team member asked if I had any unresolved issues with my mom. All of the sudden I let a powerful uprising and I burst into tears, like an eruption! I felt God’s powerful love for me in a way, that I knew that my momma never felt in her life. I

just wanted for my mom to filled with the love and peace I now felt!! Ever since that 15 minute session, I have had total healing from all of those former thoughts and feelings. I no longer live with that darkness in my spirit and mind. The SVHR was key to my divine healing. I will never be the same! I am clear about that!! ~Marcia K.

Feb 25, 2020

Neck and Back Loosened

As I was being prayed over, I sensed a loosening of my neck and back. It feels much better! I also received the Father’s Blessing spoken over me. ~ Mark E.

Feb 4, 2020

Rotator cuff pain relief

Painful right shoulder due to torn rotator cuff (several tears) and impingement. Received relief of most of the pain and the increased range of motion. Prayers of forgiveness of self and others as they relate to the injury and words of encouragement and comfort from the Lord were offered. Great experience. Am trusting for complete shoulder healing. ~Sharon D.

Nov 26, 2019

Blood Sugar Levels Drop after Prayer

Was struggling with high A1C (Blood Sugar level) and received a healing, dropping 3 points. – Relda W

July 26, 2019

Freedom from Extreme Fatigue

I was having a health issue with fatigue that kept growing to the extreme” for close to 2 months. After several blood tests and an electrocardiogram checking my heart, they found no apparent reason for the physical fatigue. After being prayed over, I felt relief and a feeling of being safe and secure in God’s care. The following day I physically felt some better. By the 3rd day I was completely free from the fatigue and my full energy returned to the normal for me. Prayer works! I am so thankful for the prayer team at SVHR Kingdom Center. ~Joanne

July 2, 2019

Freedom from 40 years of Trauma

When I was 5 years old, the barn burned down killing all the horses. It was in July. Through the last 40 years my mind/body associated that trauma with fireworks in July. The symptoms ranged from nausea to inability to breathe, blacking out, losing control of my limbs, terror, jumpiness and got progressively worse through the years. I came to the Healing Rooms 2 days before the 4th this year and prayed specifically for this. This 4th of July, for the first time in years, I was able to go about my day doing normal daily activities. I kept waiting for some horrible symptoms to surface, but absolutely all day and all night, no matter how loud the fireworks or the brightness of them, I had absolutely complete peace and calm. I slept well. I was able to go to work on the 5th and be calm and functional and well. All praise to God! ~ Laina M.

June 25, 2019

Freedom from Discontent by Knowing I’m God’s Child

I was struggling with discontentment, so the lady led me through things to be thankful for. After speaking them forth, she led me to ask God how He sees me… I saw a boy being led by his father’s right hand, showing him things, and the boy had awe and wonder, as well as complete trust and contentment. It was clear that the boy was me and the father was God! I left feeling freer and a reinforcement of being a child of God’s. ~ Michael M.

June 4, 2019

Freedom from Pain and Trauma

Before I came to the Healing Rooms I was heavy with pain and trauma form my husband’s addiction problems. I received fullness and freedom in God like never before. It was so

refreshing. The love and Holy Spirit was so fulfilling and amazing. I was set free from the pain and trauma. ~ Carmen R.

June 4, 2019

Chronic Knee pain gone, back realigned

When I arrived to the Healing Rooms tonight, I had been dealing with chronic pain in my left knee and my right hand thumb the past two weeks. In prayer, the out of order/alignment in my body aligned and pain/discomfort went from an 8 to about a 1. I have no doubt the healing is complete. Praise God!! I am so grateful for God’s work being done for me and my family at Skagit Valley Healing Rooms.

~Marcia K.

May 8, 2019

Answered Prayer Regarding Finances

I asked for prayer because my mortgage company was using deceptive practices. The prayer was over the attorneys, the judge, favor for me or even me talking to the judge. The bank was insisting that my payment go through my trustee. Now my payment goes to the bank, and I am free of a lump sum payment. Thank you, Lord, and the prayer team that prays for me. ~ Tonya B.

May 8, 2019

Cracked Knee Cap Healed

While on a walk, I tripped over my dog, and fell on my knees and hands. I fractured my left knee cap. I had to use crutches and braces over the knees. After prayer, I went to my appointment and X-rays taken saw the healed knee and I give thanks for this healing. ~Norah O.

May 21, 2019

Three month cough resolved

I came in for prayer after having a cough & wheeze for 3 months. The team member laid hands on my throat and lungs. After prayer the wheezing has stopped & I no longer constantly need a cough drop! ~ Angela M

May 10, 2019

Life is Looking Up

The Lord is working in my life now. Thanks for praying for me and please continue to. I’ve been following Jesus and opening my ears to him. I hope to come in and come for prayer again. Things are working for the better now, and I’m starting to work and give back to the community soon. God bless you all in Jesus name, Amen. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers too, by the way. ~ Linette E.

March 12, 2019

Groin Pain Completely Gone

I had bad pain in my groin area that was very painful this last week. The pain was completely gone tonight after prayer in the Glory Room. No more pain! Thank you, Jesus!! ~ Jason L.

March 11, 2019

Emotional Healing & Freedom

A traumatic event my brother I had witnessed go through was constantly replaying in my mind. I felt prisoner to it as if it was me. At the Healing Rooms God supernaturally reset my mind. I left not thinking about it anymore and have immense relief. I can recall the event, but as an outsider. It has zero hold on me.

~ Christina C.

March 11, 2019

Headache & Much Body Pain Gone!

I was being very hard on myself and others and was emotionally exhausted. I felt God telling me to go the Healing Rooms. As I obeyed, I believe it was one of the biggest healings I have ever received. I was healed from a personal traumatic event that I had buried deep and even thought the Lord had healed me from. He spoke truth over me. Sometimes that is exactly what we need. I had a headache and other body pains. I left there after receiving emotional healing, with my headache gone and the majority of my body pains gone. You would be surprised how much of your physical pain is related to emotional roots.

~ Christina C.

March 3, 2019

I saw Jesus!

March is my birthday month in Christ Jesus. This March 2019 is my 33rd birthday. I turned 75 in November 2018. So at the end of the prayer time, which was phenomenal, in the closing blessing time I actually saw the face of Jesus almost touching me. He was sooo close. He was wearing His prayer shawl on His head. 1st time ever seeing His face for me personally. Quite a spiritual birthday present! ~ Patricia K.

Feb 26, 2019

Pain in Hip, Left Side Body, & Rib Cage Gone, Close to God Again!

I came in feeling pain, depressed, anxious, broken, tired, and distant from God.

During prayer, I felt experiences and feelings lift. God released me from shame of past decisions and actions. I felt hope and joy fill me again. I felt seen and known, which I had not in so long! Pain in my hip, left side, and rib cage also lifted. Every word was personal and a true gift from God. ~ Haley H.

Feb 26, 2019

Deep Inner Healing, Family Forever Changed

Deep inner healing of generational strongholds. The Healing Rooms are so anointed. My family will be forever changed today by what has been prayed. Thank You, Lord. ~ Amy R.

Feb 26, 2019

My Leg Grew Out!

A team member asked if my back was hurting and I said yes. They pulled a chair out for me and said one of my legs was shorter than the other. They prayed for it to grow out and it did. The pain was gone immediately.

~ Samantha V.

Feb 26, 2019

Pain, Grief, & Resentment Gone

Pain and grief, feeling confused about feelings and resentful at people. After, I felt blessed to be able to forgive myself and others and let God have His way. So long as I let Him in with a true heart. ~ Bobby F.